1000W /103dB 4x10

The TH-410 is equipped with four 10” new generation Neodymium speakers that is an optimal configuration for loads of punch and great high efficiency. The cabinet is designed to be slightly higher and narrower then traditional 4x10 is causes better sound propagation and easier access to amplifter set on the top. The cabinet can easily be use as the only stage bass monitor. It provides high quality tone either on stage or in studio.
The cabinet is equipped with a Mode Selector that allows to select the following options:

  • MONO - standard configuration, connecting all speakers to one amplifier.
  • BI-AMP - the ability to connect each section of the speakers separately. In this mode the cabinet can be connected to two separate amplifiers  or selected cabinet's section  can work with one amplifier only. The BI-AMP option can also be used in a semi-STEREO mode.

The Mode Selector switch gives an additional possibility - changing the impedance of the cabinet.
In mono mode one 4 ohm output, in Bi-AMP mode two  8 ohm outputs.
The cabinet is also fitted with SPEAKON / JACK combo input as well as 3-way tweeter volume control.

All "TH" Series cabinets are covered with hybrid polyurethane coating. The coating is extremely resistant to any kind of mechanical damage which may occur during transportation as well as protects the cabinets against moisture. It is also very easy to clean . An additional advantage of the coating with the polyurethane elastomer is a sealing and reinforcement of the entire  cabinet's structure, thus eliminating undesirable vibrations as well as increases the overall cabinet's  lifespan.

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