500W /99dB 1x15+1x10

The TR-1510  is designed to contain two different „cabinets” in one inclosure. It is achieved by using two different sizes and types of speakers – 1 x 15”Neodymium and  1 x 10” Ferrite packed in one cabinet. Each of the drivers  work in different range of frequencies that makes the sound of cabinet very dynamic and saturated. The 15” driver provides massive low-end while 2x10” speakers gives mighty punch of mids. We are assuming that this kind of configuration does not need to be extended by an additional cabinets. Therefore the TR-1510 impedance is set at 4 Ohm in order to use  full  power of the amplifier. The amp is also fitted with SPEAKON / JACK combo output as well as 3-way tweeter volume control.

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