450W RMS - analog amp. + SMPS
(weight 4,2kg)

The Taurus THD-450T is a 450W/RMS bass head with a double input stage including both transistor and tube pre-amps. The transistor pre-amp ensures great sound dynamics while the tube pre-amp provides a warm, soft sound. Both pre-amps can be steplessly mixed to offer the whole spectrum of desired sounds, from crisp and clear to slightly over driven tube. The Taurus THD-450T is equipped with the very effective and easy to operate MLO tone control system designed to find the right sound quickly. Tone setting characteristics are designed to reveal the character of the particular instrument, meeting its both technical and musical parameters. Extra precise control over middle range is effected by a parametric equalizer and pre-amp filters switches. Even thought the amplifier is operating in very low frequencies, the bass sound is still impressively selective. Unique high quality optical limiter is built in for fast and noiseless operation.

The Taurus THD-450T is powered by outstandingly efficient high energy Switching Mode Power Supply which ensures extremely high dynamics and power in a light weight and compact cabinet.

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