Onboard bass pre-amps (modular design)

TM On Board preamps are designed for installation in a bass guitar. Construction based on TDi preamp is equipped with MLO system. Their innovation is the modular design for easy configuration of controllers.Two bass pre-amp models are available. The TM-2 used for two pick-ups basses and the TM-1 used for basses with one pick-up only. The pre-amps are identical except for the input modules. Custom input modules for bass guitars equipped with piezzo pick-up are available.

The pre-amp contains four main modules (VOLUME, BLEND, BASS and TREBLE) which must be used. The sequence of connected modules is unrestricted. Three optional modules (PUNCH , PRESENCE/BOOST and MIDDLE) can be use in any possible configuration or not at all. The modules (Pre-amp and optional) are designed to be easily joined together by the flat connecting wire (No soldering required).

The Taurus pre-amps can be powered ether by one or two 9V batteries. The two battery option (18V) is recommended for greatest dynamic range.

On board pre-amps could work on low battery power (3-4V) but would compromise sound quality by its loss of dynamic and consequently, distortion. To prevent this, Taurus pre-amps are built with a Low Battery LED Power Indicator, signaling replacement time.

Taurus recommends installing the LED indicator on the back cover plate of the instrument, eliminating the need for additional connections and adapters. Simply secure the LED (3mm diameter) in the designated opening of the back cover.

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