Dual Master

Guitar Amp 2x90W
Master Tube Design


Every two bulls are better than one!
Another gear revolution after the success of warmly received around the world Stomp-Head. 
This time Taurus is a step further, and would like to propose the new innovaiton - two amps in one! That's it. It's the Taurus Dual Master, in this one, inconspicuous amplifier are settled the two integral guitar heads. It's the perfect solution for the guitarist which are looking for enhancement of their stereo sound. There is no problem to plug the amp to the two guitar cabinets. There's an opportunity to play on it by the two guitarist at the same time. On each of heads you can also play separately. 
Couple of tech specifications: 
Taurus Dual Master
Power output: 40/90W (Studio:  12/20W)
Stage/studio switch- Boost, cut i range buttons to punch, cut-out bass and increase the range of middle
2  footswitch switches with boost function-2 gain channels (stronger and lighter)
Eq potentiometers:  bass, middle and treble
Effects loop-Line out, line output with simulator of the guitar cabinet 
Output power selectroc
 1,3 kg weight

Two bulls are always better than one!

Another revolutionary guitar amp ! After the success of the worldwide  acclaimed  Stomp-Head, this time the Taurus goes even one step further, and now introduces a completely unique, innovative piece of guitar equipment. The Taurus Dual Master. Two double channel amplifiers in one casing.

The Taurus Dual Master is designed for guitarists who want to build  their own sound based on stereo effects or want to use two amps at once. Each amplifier can be independently switched ON,  thus they can be use separately or together in various modes:

  • Stereo mode , when the stereo output of the pedal board or guitar sound module is connected.  
  • Mono mode, where two guitars are connected and each of the amplifiers is working with its own guitar and speaker cabinet. 
  • Classic mode, when only one of  amplifiers is used.

Additional advantage of  Dual Master. in contrary of using  two separate amplifiers at the same time, is that an external Amp Selector (eliminates hum or loss of tone.) or Power Attenuator do not have to be used at all. The amp is equipped with  internal selector amplifiers (Amps-Switch) with output to external controller or footswitch.

Taurus Dual Master - main features:

  • Technology Master Tube Design
  • Power output: 2x90W RMS 
  • Power brake to 2x40W, 2x20W and 2x12W
  • Auto detection speakers impedance
  • 3 different sounds: CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD
  • Input BOOST
  • 2 preamp section: GAIN-1/VOLUME-1 and GAIN-2/VOLUME-2
  • Tone switches MID-RANGE i BASS-BOOST
  • Effect loop
  • LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulation
  • Internal selector for switching the amps.




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