Our close cooperation with musicians supports each other’s success. The effort we put in creating Taurus provides you with the highest comfort of using while playing in studio as well as on stage.
We do believe that your success as soloists and bands will contribute to the Taurus brand’s popularity.
Your positive image will become the guarantee of Taurus quality among a wide circle of musicians ready to invest in a high class gear to reach the sound they are looking for.

If you would like to support Taurus as an endorser, send us an email to the following address: Write the subject „Taurus Players” and give us the following information:

-name of the artist
-website of the artist or band
-short biography and information about your achievements
-which Taurus products you are interested in

In reply message you'll receive cooperation possibilities and terms.
Among the artists to become our endorsers, we are looking for some features that will contribute to consolidate the Taurus brand. Besides professionalism and popularity we appreciate talent, activity and charisma. Taurus deserves to be represented by the best.

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