450W RMS - analog amp. + SMPS
(weight 3,3kg)

The T-450 is the analog bass head amplifier, powered by outstandingly efficient Switching Mode Power Supply. The SMPS ensures great dynamics and high power output as well as light weight and overall compact size.

The T-450 is dedicated to bassists who are looking for very easy to tune and control, reliable and efficient bass head with very wide dynamics range and selectivity, which reproduce exact sound characteristic of plugged instrument. As the whole Taurus line of amplifiers, the T-450 is equipped with unique MLO-System which greatly benefit musicians by logical and effective tone adjustment .

The Taurus MLO System provides exceptional sound creation flexibility. It automatically integrates optimal tuning of mid frequencies using only bass and treble potentiometers. The MLO keeps the volume level unchanged while low frequencies are added to the original sound, changing only tone characteristic, not its volume.

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450W RMS - class D + (SMPS)
(weight 2,6kg)


450W RMS - analog amp. + SMPS
(weight 4,0kg)


450W RMS - analog amp. + SMPS
(weight 4,2kg)


300W RMS - class D + (SMPS)
(weight 1,7kg)