Stomp-Head 3.CL

60Watt Ultra light analog guitar amplifier
Master Tube Design

New definition of guitar amps !!!
Until today, guitarists could only choose between two types of amplifiers: heads and combos. Now, we are introducing a completely new breed: The Stomp-Head.

The Stomp-Head 3.CL is an ultra light, very compact floor amplifier with integrated foot-switch designed to be set on the pedalboard along with effects or placed directly on the stage floor.
An amplifier-equipped pedalboard provides a complete ready-to-use sound system. Simply connect a speaker cabinet, guitar and power source, then the system is ready to go.
The amplifier can be also placed in a traditional way as a “Head” amp, on the top of the speaker cabinet. 

Stomp-Head 3.CL (3 footswitches)

  • Technology Master Tube Design
  • Power output: 60W RMS with a power brake to 25W,16 and 7W
  • Power Stage Efficiency: 130Watt
  • Auto detection speakers’ impedance
  • 2 channels: CLEAN and LEAD
  • 3 different sounds: CLEAN, CRUNCH and DRIVE
  • 3 footswitches: CHANNEL [Clean/ Lead], BOOST, MUTE
  • Input GAIN BOOST
  • LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulation
  • Additional input for external channel selector/controller
    Phones AUX INPUT

Wherever you go, keep your sound on you!

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