Bass amplifiers

Differences between the Black and Silver Line ?
The Black line as well as the Silver Line incorporate the same important features that determine the tone of Taurus amplifiers. The Silver Line has additional options providing greater possibilities of sound creativity.

Is the Taurus based on analog or digital technology ?
Taurus amplifiers are based on classic analog solutions that provide great sound dynamics. Power amplifiers work in the AB class. Only the Taurus Qube-450 is a hybrid with an analog pre-amp and a high efficiency D- class digital power amplifier.

At what impedance will speaker work with Taurus amplifiers ?
All Taurus amplifiers operate with 4 & 8 Ohm impedance speakers. The maximum output of the amplifiers is always given for 4 Ohms. Only the TH-Cross amplifier works with an impedance range from 2 to 16 Ohms.

How to adjust the sound ?
The basic and essential elements of sounds characteristic are dynamics and tone (colour). GAIN and COMPRESSOR/LIMITER are responsible for sound dynamic. The BASS/TREBLE/EQ potentiometers and the PUNCH/DBS/PRESENCE switches define the tone (colour) and shape of sound. The MIX knob controls the tone and dynamic variations. We suggest setting the BASS and TREBLE pots of the instrument and amplifier at a flat zero position. Do not duplicate the instrument and amplifier settings by simultaneously raising the amplifier's and instrument's BASS and TREBLE. Experiment the possibilities offered by Taurus's MLO system by setting the Tone of the instrument to a flat zero. Finding the right sound should begin with the BASS and TREBLE pots which are essential to tone correction elements of any Taurus amplifier. Use the parametrical EQ and tone/shape switches to make additional adjustments.

Punch - what is it ?
Punch raises the tone colour in its " hard " middle range which increases sound expression.

What is the DBS system ?
The DBS Active System brings great dynamics and selectivity to the sound of your cabinet. The system also protects speakers against fluttering when very low frequencies are applied. Thanks to this features, even the lowest notes achieve correct sounds on 10" speakers. Two mode switch is available to increase bass dynamic, very useful when low volume is applied

What is the MLO system ?
The Taurus patented MLO system provides exceptional sound creation flexibility, ease of use and intuitive tailored sound using tone control knobs.The MLO automatically integrates optimal tuning of mid frequencies using only bass and treble potentiometers. Logical and effective tone adjustment greatly benefit musicians. Moreover, MLO keeps the volume level unchanged while low frequencies are added to the original sound, changing only tone characteristic, not its volume.

How to use the parametrical equalizer ?
In Taurus's amplifiers, the 2 point parametric equalizer is assigned to sweep middle frequency only. The EQ contains two potentiometers: MIDDLE and FREQUENCY. The MIDDLE pot is design to set required level (volume ) of frequency which have to be corrected ( increase or de crease ). The FREQUENCY pot is used to find the particular range of frequency to adjust. The EQ doesn't affect the original sound if set to "0"

How to set the GAIN ?
We advise you to set the GAIN potentiometer to the True Gain - minimum position. In this position, the true signal of the guitar is send to the pre-amp section without any alteration and represents the optimum starting position. The next step is setting the VOLUME . Now, should you require a hotter signal from your guitar, set the Gain potentiometer in the correct position . It is recommended not to overturn the potentiometer while setting the GAIN as this may lead to distortion of the pre-amp.

When do we use the MIX potentiometer ?
The MIX potentiometer occurs in amplifiers with double pre-amp configuration (transistors and tube or tube simulation) only. It allows mixing the sound of both pre-amps in order to provide more flexibility to sound's creative process

How to use compressor and limiter ?
The COMPRESSOR-LIMITER processor is responsible for sound dynamics. If you want to assign a limit to the maximum level of dynamic, you simply need to set the potentiometer to the required position in which only the highest impulses of sound will be reduced. The LED indicates when the LIMITER is ON. If you need to compress your sound, use the same potentiometer to increase sensitivity until you get equal compression. The GAIN also affects the compression as more gain results in deeper compressed sound.

Using the effect loop
The Effect Loop allows the hook up directly to the pre-amp therefore connecting the instrument to the amplifier's LINE IN. In some cases it is a better solution than connecting effects between the instruments and the amplifier.

What is the LINE PRE/POST switch ?
This switch enables sending the signal from the amplifier to the mixer after EQ correction - “POST-EQ” or with bypassing EQ correction “PRE”. Usually, POST_EQ signal generates problems while setting the correct sound on PA systems. To eliminate this situation, the Silver Line amplifiers are equipped with “True voice” Line Out. Thanks to this feature, the sound send from the amp to the mixer through the LINE-POST-EQ has the same sound characteristic as your own speakers set.

What is the GROUND LIFT ?
This switch cuts the "Ground" from the LINE OUT and is used to eliminate "ground loop" effects in the signal circuit between the devices connected to the LINE-OUT . "Ground loops" are the cause of mains hum.
Can I use the amplifier without connected speakers?
All Taurus amplifiers can be used without connected speakers.