What is the difference between MK2 White Line and Silver Line pedals?
The White Line is a smaller version of Silver Line pedals. They share the same features and are built with the same electronic components. As a additional feature the Mk2 offers Polarity Auto Detect which allows to use power supplies with different polarity and range between 9 and 12V.

Do Taurus effects combine analog or digital circuits ?
All Taurus effects are fitted with analog circuits that provide a natural sound. Only the ZEBU (Reverb / Delay) is equipped with a DSP. However the instrument’s original signal is sent through an analog circuit which assure exact sound.

What does "True bypass" mean ?
All electronic circuits must be powered in order to work. When the power source is disconnected, the signal fails. In the Taurus effects, TRUE BYPASS means that when the effect is OFF or disconnected power supply, your instrument’s original signal still passively goes through but bypasses all electronic components.

Can Taurus effects be battery powered ?
No . All Taurus effects are powered by an external power supply only.

Why Tauruse’s effects are powered by 12V current instead as most other effects by 9V ?
In reality most of Taurus’s effects are powered by 24V current. The effects are designed with an internal converter which converts 12V into 24V. This feature insures very wide range of dynamics, impossible to achieve by effects powered by 9V power supply. It allows to use the full potential of the instruments with active electronics. 
Recently, basses and guitars more and more often are equipped with high output signal level active pick ups and on board preamps, which are powered by either 9 or 18V. 24V power current assures that even very high output signal from the instrument is not a subject of degradation and distortion.

Can Taurus effects be powered by alternative power supply ?
It is possible to use other stabilized power supply meant for audio devices. The parameters such as voltage, current and polarization must match the specification of the power supply originally delivered with the effect.

Can one power supply be use for simultaneous effects ?
Yes, but keep in mind that the current load should not be lower than the sum of all connected effects.

Which effects are dedicated to guitar players ?
The ZEBU, TUX, VECHOOR effects are dedicated both bass and guitar players. The ABIGAR is aimed at bass guitars but finds sympathy among guitarists also.

What is the difference between White Line and Silver Line pedals?
White Line is a new, smaller version of Taurus pedals. MK2 pedals have the same features and are built with the same electronic components as Silver Line. Additionally new pedals feature Polarity Auto Detect allows to use any power supply between 9 and 12V with them.