Speaker Cabinets

The difference between TN and TF cabinets ?
The TN series is based on neodymium SICA speakers while the TF is equipped with CELESTION ferrite speakers. The Neodymium TN Series provides more power and efficiency than the ferrite TF series. The TN Series uses dynamic tweeters while the TF Series uses ceramic tweeters.

Impedance - 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm ?
When choosing the right speaker you should take in account the following:
- If you want to upgrade your set of speakers with an additional cabinet, it is best to choose 8 Ohm speakers. When paired you will get the optimum impedance of 4 Ohms.
- Should you plan to use a single speaker you may choose 4 or 8 Ohm . The 4 Ohm impedance speaker will let you unfold the full power of the amplifier. In contrast, the 8 Ohm speaker decreases the power of the amplifier.

Pairing up different models of Taurus speakers
All models of Taurus speakers can be connected together in any configuration. When choosing speakers, you must remember to choose the corresponding impedance to that of the amplifier.
Matching speakers with amplifiers
When choosing speakers you must remember the following: The power rating expressed in Watts/RMS as identified on the back of the speaker should be even or greater then power of the amplifier.

Can speakers with high handling power be used with lower power rated amp ?
There are no technical contraindications regarding the connection of this configuration.

Can speakers with lower handling power be used with higher power rated amp ?
The speakers handling power should not be lower than the amplifier’s power output. Keep in mind that speaker impedance have to be matched with output impedance of the amplifier. For example, 300Watt/4 Ohm amplifiers should work with a 4 Ohm speaker who’s power handling at least 300W/RMS or an 8 Ohm speaker with power handling no lower than 200W/RMS remembering that when the 8 Ohm speaker is in use, the power of the amplifier decreases to approximately 200W.

How to determine power and impedance when plugging a few speakers to 1 amplifier ?
When a few speakers are simultaneously used with one amplifier, the total power handling number is the sum of the power handling of each speaker. Consider that the power send from the amplifier to the connected speakers is distributed according to the impedance of these speakers. If the impedance of all speakers is identical, the power is then divided equally. At different impedance values, the power output will not split evenly and the speaker with the lower impedance will receive appropriately more power.
The following examples of speaker configurations and impedance values:
Two speakers 8 Ohm = 4 Ohm
Three speakers 8 Ohm = 2.7 Ohm
Four speakers 8 Ohm = 2 Ohm
One 8 Ohm and one 4 Ohm speakers = 2.7 Ohm
Two 8 Ohm and one 4 Ohm speakers = 2 Ohm

Adjusting the volume of the tweeter speakers.
All Taurus cabinets are equipped with TWEETER adjustments. The 3-way switch ( OFF/ 60% / 100% ) is designed for volume adjustments.

When to use JACK or SPEAKON speaker connectors ?
We offer you the flexibility of choosing two types of connectors. The advantage of the Speakon type is that this ensures a better connection which prevents any short-circuiting.