Musikmesse 2014

Taurus Amplification took part in Musikmesse international fair in Frankfurt am Main held from 12-15 March 2014. This year Taurus presented the new products:

MK-2 effects pedals

New Line of Taurus pedals that is combining rock solid construction and great sound of Silver Line with portability, new features and brand new design. New features that will certainly make a life of every musician much easier are:
POLARITY SUPPLY AUTO DETECTION – allows using supplies with center-positive and center-negative polarity
DC ASSISTANT - protects from loss of signal. Effect switches automatically to the "bypass mode" in case of disconnection or low voltage of DC supply.

QUBE-300 bass head

This bass head had its premie're at the previous Musikmesse and was officially launched at the beginning of 2014. Qube-300 is even more compact version of the popular Taurus Qube-450. The new Qube-300 weighs only 1,7 kilo and provides 300Watt real RMS power.

Stomp-Head2 guitar amplifier

The new model of ultralight and portable guitar amplifiers with sound and capabilities of traditional tube amps. The Stomp-Head series were initiated by Taurus Amp in 2011 as an alternative for heads and combos. Huge interest in the Stomp-Heads made Taurus to prepare the new model. The Stomp-Head 2 amplifier is a hybrid Tube/Solid State produced in two versions: CLASSIC and HIGH GAIN. The Stomp-Head 2 provides 60Watt real analogue power.
With all the possibilities of classic tube amp, the Stomp-Head 2 weighs only 1,8 kilo. It is equipped with: 
POWER BRAKE SWITCH – allows power reduction to 25W.
MASTER TUBE – provides natural and dynamic compression and rich powerful sound


Musikmesse 2014 Taurus booth

Taurus Stomp-Head2 overview