Stomp-Head INTRO


It’s a new alternative in guitar amplification. It’s an answer to the following question -do I have to carry heavy gear in order to have a good sound? Now, thanks to our amplifier the answer is NO. 
Stomp-Head is a combination of 30 years of experience and number of groundbreaking innovations that have been made just to make your life easier.  
The most important feature of Stomp-Head is the fact that it is a great sounding portable amplifier. 
We give you a professional and fully analogue amplifier which is lightweight and offers truly powerful sound. 

The first and only professional fully analogue, great sounding, portable guitar amp
in a chassis not much bigger than 4 stomp boxes.  
We have combined over 30 years of our experience and knowledge,
along with a number of groundbreaking innovations into our new family
of STOMP-HEAD amplifiers. 

The STOMP-HEAD delivers very rich, saturated sound through our proprietary
MTD (Master Tube Design) system.

It uses all the key tube characteristics which are essential for a great sounding pro guitar amp.
If you are into the rock, funk, blues or jazz then our Classic STOMP-HEAD
will give you a full array of very  saturated vintage sounds.  
If you are  metal or drop tunings lover then our High Gain STOMP-HEAD
will suit your needs perfectly.

The STOMP-HEAD has power to spare.
Due to our incredibly efficient power amp design and MTD system
this compact amp delivers enough loudness level for any stage size.
Power-wise, the STOMP-HEAD will fulfill all your expectations. 

The STOMP-HEAD with its  unique features  is undoubtedly the most versatile guitar amp
in the world market now. It can be used in three different configurations.
As a real head amp, set up on the top of the cabinet, set straight on the stage floor
or set up along with your effects on a pedalboard.  
It’s integrated footswitches will give you full, immediate control over every aspect of sound. 

The STOMP-HEAD  can be also used as a power amp or a preamp.
The amp is also equipped with a LINE OUT as well as a serial EFFECT LOOP.
The LINE OUT allows you to connect the amplifier with other power amp
or plug it straight into a PA system and maintain sound without a speaker cabinet.
It also features a speaker cabinet simulator imitating sound characteristics
of the Vintage-30 
CELESTION speakers.  
The amp works equally well with small cabinets or full stacks.

The STOMP-HEAD solves your problem of transporting the gear.  
The amp‘s compact size and light weight make it the choice to travel with.

Two versions of the amp are available:
Stomp-Head Classic and Stomp-Head High Gain